Outbound Malang Pujon

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Outbound Malang Pujon

Hello spirit companions KWB Adventure morning, how are you? Amazing is not it? This time I want to discuss about Outbound Malang Pujon. Pujon city is a city that goes in Malang, East Java province, Indonesia.

About 30 km from the center of Malang mebutuhkan time of 1.5 hours. One and a half hour trip on the guarantee you will not get bored, because you will be in present green and lush scenery.

There are so many tourist attractions, especially nature. As Coban Rondo, Central Coban, Coban Manten (which are in a tourist area), Source Pitu, Baths Dewi Sri, and the new – was recently launched Coban Supit Urang located in the village of Persil, Pujon City, Malang.

One of ecotourism such nature, that place support for Outbound Malang Wana are Coban Rondo. With an area of ​​± 90 hectare area, you will certainly free to do various activities.


Outbound Malang Coban Rondo

As I described earlier, Coban Rondo has an area of ​​± 90 hectares. You can make outbound activities malang Coban Rondo. Geographically Wana Coban Rondo is at the western foot of the mountain Kawi row.

With an altitude of about 1200 m above sea level, making the temperature and the weather in this region tend to be cold and cool all year round with temperatures ranging between 17-27 degrees Celsius.

Administratively forestry, Coban Rondo Wana region is located in the forest area Perhutani’s production under the auspices of BKPH Pujon-Unity Stakeholder Forest Malang. Coban rondo in the region are also provided for those who are interested to spend the night there. Or you want to be more integrated with nature just try camping in the camp area

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Interesting is not it, it’s time we introduce nature in our children and grandchildren. Considering they would later maintain and preserve it. For the sake of their survival and wildlife around. What’s wrong with nature from an early age to introduce them. Come soon Outbound malang in Coban Rondo Malang, you get a guaranteed unforgettable experience.


Outbound Malang Songgoriti

Songgoriti’ve ever heard? Songgoriti is a tourist area in Batu located in the west of Batu precisely at the foot of the mountain a lot, Jl.Songgoriti Batu Malang Songgokerto precisely in the Village, Batu. The weather in this area is cool.

Travel Park neighborhood Songgoriti so wide that allows you to perform Outbound Malang. Many outbound facilities provided one flying fox.

The scenery was very nice, lots of green field open deliberately planted some trees and flowers legkap with his business card describing the type, origin, date of planting (kinds of botanical gardens, like that, so if eg exposed to pests, can be investigated antidote, approximately deh).

Accommodation problems wah not be asked again. You want to select which star hotels, budget hotels, or family villa all there. Souvenirs ? Not have far ahead of existing tourist attractions exactly tourist market selling all souvenirs Songgoriti and distinctive food. Afraid expensive? do not worry the market is a kind of traditional market tour which was transformed with a nice and cozy.

So, if you want to bid the price may be – okay. Traders also friendly – friendly, the smarter you are bidding on an item, the cheaper the price of goods that you can. Quality is good, since the average – average everything is hand made. There is also a hot springs tour. Tired – tired of missing guaranteed deh. Songgoriti is actually a name of the temple there. This temple majapahit peninngalan period.

Detailed not start outbound malang, hot water attractions, historical tours, and most importantly by the – by to relatives in her hometown. So let’s waiting around to Batu, spend your long vacation here. Outbound? Select only KWB Outbound Adventure.