Ways to Choose Wood Frame

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Sills is one important part of a home. Sills serves as window and door frames. Besides, it also serves as a glue frame shutters and doors, using hinges and screws.

Besides having a principal function as above, the frame also has aesthetic value, especially if it is coated with paint or varnish. However, the aesthetic value is not independent of the condition and quality of the material. It is very important, if you want to make yourself or order it on a wood frame builders frame maker.

Choosing material for a good quality wood frame is your right as a homeowner. Jual kayu dolken if wood is good quality, then the aesthetic value and the principal function of a frame is not in vain. You will feel happy and satisfied with your choice.
Hasil gambar untuk tips memilih kayu untuk rumah

How to Choose Wood

Wood will we choose a limited frame on wood that has been processed into a size that is ready to be used, not on the new timber or harvested from the forest. The point is that this wood is already available in various sizes. But you should know that not all the available timber is in good condition and good quality.

Here are some ways or tips on choosing a good wood to be made sills. Hopefully there are things that you can take the benefits.

  1. Check the size of the timber to be used as frames, Pick wood beams measuring 10 cm X 14 cm X 400 cm. This size is ideal for when processed will be generated sills with thickness of 8 cm and a width of 12 cm.
  2. Select the fibrous wood is smooth, so easy in processing.
  3. Choose wood that are old with characteristic dark color of the wood look, with a uniform color distribution.
  4. Choose wood that is dry, so if it is processed into frames will be durable and not deformed. How to determine the level of dryness timber by thrust nail with a hammer on wood, if there was any water around nails it means the wood is wet.
  5. Search wood straight, so that when processed are not many parts are wasted. Besides, it would be easy to make the frame, so that the resulting frame is of good quality.