Saving Tips Fresh Meat

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Meat fresh is a food that easily contaminated with bacteria. So watch how the storage of fresh meat you buy, so do not quickly become damaged.

Once purchased, if the meat is not cooked immediately, then after washed with water, store the meat in the refrigerator section or freezer freezing.

The meat should be frozen in small chunks, rather than meat intact. With small pieces, if you will use the meat is then no need to dilute the whole piece of meat, just take a few pieces of meat as necessary to cook.

How to save the Fresh Meat

Note the temperature of freezer storage. Meat should be stored at freezing temperatures of minus 18C. With the optimal freezing temperatures, the shelf life of meat can be longer, reaching three to six months.

When storing meat in the refrigerator, place the meat in a container, then cover tightly with plastic airtight.

Raw meat or fresh meat must be kept separate and not mixed with meat that has been processed or cooked.

When about to be processed frozen meat, preferably the night before you have removed the meat from the freezer and placed in the refrigerator chiller that could melt ice frozen meat in the refrigerator. Then the next morning when they wanted to be treated, you can silence a minute at room temperature to ensure no part of the meat was still frozen.

Do not process the meat was still frozen, because it could be the heat does not reach the inside of the meat was still frozen as a result of meat is not cooked evenly.