Wind tornado: Process, characteristic traits, Effects and How to Overcome It

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Waterspout that many people know well the whirlwind wind is one of the dangerous natural occurrences. Tornado or in Sumatra called the Bahorok wind is swirling winds with speeds in excess of 63 km per hour. The wind is moving straight and usually passes after a maximum of 5 minutes. Tornado often occurs when daytime and evening in the transition seasons. The whirlwind is regarded as one kind of wind that is dangerous because it can destroy anything in its path. This is because objects that are carried by the tornado can be picked up and thrown away facts of what causes earthquakes

Until now, this has been widely reported by cyclones in many places. Tornado big enough even to undermine people’s houses, trees, means of transport so no wonder if the passage of this wind can make a lot of damage as well result in losses that are not few.

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Almost all places in Indonesia, prone to disasters with the wind on this one. But even so the fact there are few places more often attacked by tornado Compared to the other places. This often occurs in Nusa Tenggara, Sumatra and Sulawesi. Even Java is also included in place are often attacked by this kind of wind. Especially in the area of ​​West Java, the tornado is common in Banjar, Ciamis, Garut and Tasik. In addition, wind is also often do so in Sukabumi and the Sumedang area. Given any area can be affected by wind of this type, it is useful if you are always vigilant and recognize clearly how the tornado can occur selian you are also required to know anything that could do to save themselves when cyclones underway.

Process of Wind tornado

The cyclones are common padamusim transition in times of the day or evening. Phase tornado occurrence is closely related to the growth phase cumulonimbus clouds. The phase of the whirlwind that is:

  1. Growth phase – In the case of cloud rising air currents upward with considerable pressure. At this time  the rains have not come down because the water droplets and ice crystals are still stuck by air currents moving up to the top of the clouds.
  2. Adult or mature phase – In this phase, the water droplets are no longer restrained by the air will rise to the top of the clouds. Rain will then descend and cause friction forces between the rising air currents and falls. In this phase, the temperature of the air mass drops have colder temperatures than the surrounding air. In the air flow up or down can occur shear flow and form a vortex twist. The air currents that spin faster and faster will form a cyclone that “lick” the earth or are named after the tornado. Tornado, can be accompanied by heavy rain and form the jets of water.
  3. Phase extinct – In the extinction period, no air masses rise, but the air mass will spread throughout the cloud. In the end the process of cloud condenses will stop and the air drops down so that cloud growth will end.

Wind Characteristics of tornado

Condition of impending tornado can actually be known if you are careful. It can be felt when you feel the hot weather that is not like any other day. The hot weather is suddenly replaced by heavy rain and possibly accompanied by a tornado. The initial symptoms of the tornado that you need to know to increase your alertness is:

  • The air was hot and cause sultry
  • No clouds in the sky or white clouds growth that form packs in layers
  • Among the many cumulus clouds, there is one kind of clouds that have borders with gray very clear. The clouds loomed high if it is seen to be shaped like cauliflower
  • Cloud changes color abruptly from white into black color like a cumulonimbus cloud
  • When strong winds come, twigs and leaves swaying in the wind
  • society must always be vigilant, especially in the period of duration of the Establishment cloud to cloud phase extinct. It usually takes about 1 hour.

Tornado is wind caused by spillovers from a cumulonimbus cloud or Cb which usually grow during the rainy period. But keep in mind if not all all Cb cloud will cause a tornado. The presence of a tornado can occur suddenly that 5 or 10 minutes in an area with a very local scale. Air flows from the tornado that fell at high speed will waft the Earth’s surface suddenly and randomly. This is why the tornado to be one cause of the damage in many places.

The tornado vortex has a shape similar to an elephant’s trunk or like a hose on the vacuum cleaner. If the tornado lasted for quite a long time, then the trajectory will form a path of destruction because they can hit anything in its path. Tornado prevalent in the lowlands and in the afternoons.

Wind impact of tornado

There are some effects of a tornado that can cause a lot of damage, not light even exist that give rise to losses that do not will disturb public space to life . Here are the impacts that can be generated by a tornado that destructive as:
  • Damage to homes and infrastructure on a daeah
  • In the case of a waterspout there are some cases that cause casualties
  • Cause material losses
  • Damaging community gardens
  • Creating a lot of debris from defects in materials and trash scattered
  • May interfere with the course of economy

The adverse effects of the hurricane, can devastated place with an area of ​​5 kilometers. In this case the house as well as many plants will be destroyed and uprooted due to hit by a tornado. Not only that, but living creatures can also die as a result of thrown or hit by hard objects that go in the whirlwind.

How To Safely Avoid wind of tornado

To anticipate the tornado and keamaan for your family at the same time, it helps you recognize any signs indicating the appearance of the tornado. Selan you also have to be watchful to do the things below:

1. Recognize it right where you live

Before you inhabit a place, it helps if you figure out well to make your life more comfortable. By finding out the circumstances or environmental conditions, it can make you know well the positive effects and the negative impact of dwelling you live. In addition, you also need to know what types of natural disasters that could happen in your residential area.

2. Do greening

The wind generally find a place openly and menghamtamnya enormously. But when there are lots of trees ditanamndi about the environment then the wind would be divided. From this it can be found that the tree be one flagship solution that can be selected to avoid the cruelty of a tornado. Step planting trees to prevent disasters alama especially waterspout must be recognized by the community so that they can work together to plant trees in their neighborhood. It should dierhatikan in tree planting is spring water and land issues.

Greening the environment by not only able to cope with the dangers of the tornado, but also has many benefits such as:

  • Absorb and store water – A ir primarily from rain when a very large number can not be accommodated fully by the soil will flow into the residential population and cause flooding. Unlike when no greenery in the area of the rain water Yag too much to be absorbed by the roots of trees which are then stored in the soil layer . Water storage can be utilized sebaga water reserves in the dry season, to prevent flooding and others.
  • The occurrence of prevent erosion –  roots of trees in the soil can prevent soil erosion or soil erosion caused by water or wind.
  • Environmental balance –  Greening nice to balance the environment, because of the trees in the environment is one of the biotic components whose existence can not be separated from the natural environment. Environmental harmony itself has a special relationship between biotic and abiotic components.
  • Absorb carbon dioxide –  trees growing around it can absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. This process can make us into a cooler environment with clean air. In addition, trees that were around also can reduce the impact of global warming or global warming .
  • As a place to stay living things –  trees are also useful as a place of living beings. There are many small animals like birds, beetles, butterflies and others who use the trees as the scope of their activities. The absence of trees will be able to threaten the existing ecosystem that can threaten the population of the animal itself.
  • Beautify a neighborhood – In contrast to the environment is absolutely no trees, then place overgrown with trees can give a special attraction of being able to add an element of beauty in one place. In this case, somewhere reforestation will be able to attract a lot of people so that it can be used as a means of recreation or entertainment.
  • As the air filter –  Trees absorb carbon dioxide that is capable of existing as well as air filter. Keep in mind that the trees during the day, will produce healthier air in the form of oxygen while at night, the trees will release carbon dioxide. It is also the reason why out at night is not recommended due to unhealthy air. Amazingly, the roots of trees can absorb different types of toxins that come from anywhere and then filtered in the ground so as to make the resulting water becomes unfit for consumption.
  • An educational tool –  For a scholar and researcher, then the area of trees that are the result of greening can serve as a useful learning tool for media research and teaching media. With the rampant destruction of forests happening lately is better done a lot of counseling so that people can see and understand it better if reforestation is one good way to raise public awareness of greening. Especially for the educated, so it’s good if a student become a driving force in saving the environment ecosystem through green movement does.

Greening can provide much effect either directly or indirectly to the environment including humans. In place of the barren course you will feel the heat with the atmosphere stifling and uncomfortable. But in a shady neighborhood where many of the trees, then the place into a comfortable place with a shady and pleasant atmosphere.

3. Make your permanent and strong occupancy

The house has an important role in avoiding natural disasters. The stronger the house that you build the damage and protection at a home become more awake.

4. Create a shelter under

Shelter under a function quite important to maintain human safety in order to avoid the dangers that exist on the surface. In addition to conducting rescue and prevention efforts as well as the above, you also have to be careful when cyclones underway. In this case you should always be alert and pay attention to places around that you use as a shelter. Should avoid refuge in places where the trees are tall trees had been fragile. If you see no trees are fragile especially if the tree is a species with a tall and looming large size, it should be avoided because the tree could fall and hit at any time. Look for a safe place that is strong and sturdy and find a place distant from the location.

It is better if you are alert to danger signs such as changes in the sky became dark and it could also slightly greenish color. Hail fell with large grains and their low clouds in black and moving the rotating means and the blare that sounds like a fast train movement. When there are signs that case, we suggest you quickly find shelter or a bunker. For those of you who were in the car when a tornado is in progress, you must immediately stop your vehicle speed and immediately find the nearest shelter there. But if in this area there is no shelter, you can lie down in a low place such as drains and then lie down and protect your head with a forearm.