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( Citrus aurantifolia ) is a plant belonging to the jerukan citrus family. Lemon fruit is very sour, but the fragrance of lime is often used for materials to make it more fragrant cuisine. Anti-bacterial properties that can kill bacteria and eliminate the fishy smell on meat or fish. Orange juice is also effective to treat your child’s cough, by mixing lemon juice with soy sauce.

In addition to lemon, lime leaves are also very useful for cooking. Lime leaves no less fragrant of lemon. Usually powdered dried lime leaves used for topping snacks that add flavor savory and fragrant. Maybe some of us already know what the benefits of orange juice, now we will discuss what benefits can we get from the leaves of lemon.

Chemical Ingredients Leaves Lime
Leaves lemon oil contains many astiri, including: sabinene, talhinen, acetaldehyde, octano, myrcene, limonoida, terpinen, trans ocimen, cymeno, terpinolene, and penen.

Other Ingredients in lime leaves are: Terpenoid, alkaloids, steroids, amino acids, citric acid, protein, vitamin A, B1, and C, kampferol, quercetin, synephrine, N-methyltyramine, calcium, phosphorus, iron, rosmarinik, flavonoids, luteolin and apigenin.


Lime Leaves Benefits To Health
With tersebutlah compounds, lime leaves are very useful for treating several diseases and overcome some of the problems in our body such as:

1. Antiseptic on citrus leaves not only can kill bacteria or microbes in foods such as raw meat or fish. But it is also very useful antiseptic to kill bacteria that cause disease in the human body, such as diarrhea. Diarrhea is a disease caused by bacteria in the gut. By consuming citrus leaves the bacteria that cause diarrhea can be completed.