About Disasters It (earthquake, tsunami, Trash)

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Indonesia was hit by a disaster. After the tsunami in Aceh, then there is an earthquake in Yogyakarta, now there is an earthquake and tsunami in Pangandaran, Cilacap, and do not forget there is also a garbage in Bandung, which fortunately sekerang already started to be resolved. There are two opinions about this disaster:

  1. that this disaster was a punishment from God Almighty;
  2. that is only natural disaster that can be solved (analysis) with the use of science and technology.

Hasil gambar untuk Tentang Bencana Itu (Gempa, Tsunami, Sampah)

For the first, that this disaster is a punishment from God, earthquake preparedness kit I heard a comment from a friend (Sufi?). Well said. Becana who come should be the meaning or symbol. This example (he says you know):

  • floods (as in Aceh), was related to the war or sins that have been difficult to sort out (in the war to kill anyone who is no longer clear), better start from scratch just
  • earthquake , is related to the behavior associated with sexual (homosexual, cohabiting, and the like)
  • garbage , related to the pig or haram things (such as eating tainted money, and the like)

Wah. I myself only nod alone. It may be that what he said is true.
For more inclined to science and technology, I then think why this disaster happen? If we have the science should be avoided is not? Or

  1. we are still ignorant , do not have the knowledge to predict disaster (or indeed the science to analyze this still undiscovered by man – so ignorant not only we but the whole world)
  2. we already know that the place we could hit by the earthquake but we are stupid for daring to stay in this place.

Regardless, if we take the science and technology alternatives, the conclusion is we are stupid . hic hic hic. Rather than admit we are stupid, just choose the first alternative that this disaster is a punishment from God.