At least 31 killed as a result of the eruption of Mount Ontake in Japan

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Rescue workers, found 31 bodies, which partially buried by volcanic ash as high as the knee, at the peak of Mount Ontake which erupted. They apparently died from heart and lung failure, which is often used excuse the authorities of Japan before the forensic team inspect the bodies.

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The eruption of Mount Ontake, whose summit reaches an altitude of 3,067 meters, is the first deadly eruption that occurred in modern times. The mountain is a popular climbing destination is located 210 km west of Tokyo. A similar eruption occurred in 1979, but did not result in casualties.

Mount Ontake erupted Saturday afternoon when at least 250 people were making the climb in the sunny weather. The eruption that ejects white gas and dust into the air.

Hundreds of people were trapped on the slopes although most managed to get down Saturday night. About 40 people were trapped through the night just managed to fall on Sunday. Many were injured and had to be rescued by helicopter.

Fire and Disaster Affairs Agency of Japan said at least 37 people were injured and are still trying to obtain data on the number of people missing. Self-Defense Forces military designation for Japan -Send seven helicopters and 250 soldiers. Police and firefighters also joined the rescue team.