Food for People with Low Blood (hypotension)

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low blood or hypotension differ with anemia or less blood. Hypotension or low blood pressure is a condition where your blood pressure is lower than normal blood pressure is 120/80 mmHg. The disease is marked * with dizziness and sweating, it is easy to feel Kantu and frequent yawning. Eyes often feel dizzy and vision is less clear, especially after prolonged sitting and walking.

Easy fatigue and lack of energy often experienced fainting. Face look pale because the blood supply to tissues is not optimal. While anemia is a condition where a person does not have red blood cells healthy to carry adequate oxygen to every organ and tissue of the body. Symptoms vary, ranging from fatigue, pallor, rapid heart beat but irregular, shortness of breath , chest pain, dizziness, cognitive impairment, until hands feel cold, as well as the legs, and headaches.

Low blood pressure is an actual disorder that can affect anyone who can not keep their health is no exception small children. It is therefore important for us to always pay attention to virtually anything that can cause low blood this. The disease or disorder may also be due to heredity to someone whose parents have a history of this. In addition to low blood can also be caused due to fatigue, so that a person would feel their body tired. Food for low blood is also one good solution to keep this health patterns.

Indeed, if this felt experiencing low blood can directly consult a doctor to be able to know what the best way to handle it. Usually the doctor will give you a number of treatments that are suitable for us and also the doctor usually will also suggest some of the food that is consistent with our needs. The food is also of course a healthy and good for the rest of our organs. Anemic is not convenient because the head will often feel dizzy and makes the activity so uncomfortable.

Food for People with Low Blood (hypotension)

There are some foods that can be tested blood booster for those experiencing these health problems. Here are some of those foods include:

Raisin or currant

Raisin or we know as raisins are dried grapes. Raisins are typically used for other food mixtures such as topping or garnish. Although seemingly trivial because of the small, apparently raisins have benefits for health. One of them can stabilize blood pressure. You can buy the raisins in supermarkets and consumed as a snack or as a topping. I myself usual mix together oatmeal.


The food this fruit is believed to enrich the blood pressure in our body quickly and certainly will be stable. If you do not like to consume this fruit directly then we can consume in a way in juice. It also contains a lot of antioxidants. Please read the article about the benefits of strawberries .

Milk and Almond

The combination of milk and almonds are one of the traditional ways of overcoming low blood pressure in patients with hypotension. Soak 4-5 almonds in water overnight, the next morning remove the skin and make a fine paste. Add this paste into a cup of hot milk and drink every morning for several weeks to treat your low blood pressure.

Chicken’s liver

It is also a food that is believed to be very quick to increase blood pressure. At the heart of this is there are a lot of iron, which could inflate and also stimulate blood pressure.

Carrot juice

Some studies find carrot juice can increase blood circulation and simultaneously control your blood pressure levels. Add two tablespoons of honey to a glass of carrot juice. Drink when your stomach is empty, twice a day (morning and evening) for better results.

Chicken meat

In chickens of course there is a high protein animal proteins one of which is a very good one for our body. Do not hesitate because these foods will be healthier and will also be interesting for sure.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is very effective for treating low blood pressure caused by dehydration. Antioxidants are present in it serves to regulate blood circulation and keep the blood pressure. If you feel tired or weak due to decreases in blood pressure, drink a glass of lemon juice mixed with a little sugar and salt to control your blood pressure.


It is a food that contains a lot of omega-3, which will make our body more healthy. As well as will make us better able to stimulate blood pressure in our body. More precisely stabilize blood pressure.


Garlic contains compounds that help in stabilizing the blood pressure along with a number of other health benefits. You can eat raw garlic (2 cloves) 1 hour before bedtime or you can add to your diet.

In addition to some food for low blood actually there are also some drinks that can help spur our blood pressure to be more stable. The following are some of these drinks include:

Assorted fruit juice

Fresh juices made from fruits is very healthy meal. It contains many vitamins and minerals needed to maintain a healthy body. In addition, fruit juice also contains antioxidants

Foods that contain caffeine

It is known to increase blood pressure quickly. A good time to consume it is at night. Because at this time we will also be encouraged to work harder to process caffeine. Some foods and beverages that contain high caffeine include coffee, chocolate, and tea.


Not many people know that the actual alcohol can also make blood pressure better. Because there is the content of alcohol is good for our health. This alcohol should however only be a last option. Because there are many foods and drinks, which certainly is good for health.

If you pay attention to some of these foods then surely we will feel the food that is suitable to our needs. So there’s as well we treat it with healthy foods so that we can control our blood pressure. Consuming lots of water can also make the body more healthy. And blood pressure will return to normal as usual and will not be anemic again. At the time of decreased blood pressure then this white water consumption immediately.

At the time of searching for suitable food for patients with anemia, then we could see some substances that are required by our body. Here is a substance that is required, among others:

  1. Carbohydrates , surely we will need carbohydrates in sufficient quantities. Therefore we can consume noodles and rice also contain a lot of carbohydrates.
  2. Protein , one type of protein that is required is a healthy animal protein for our body. And will stimulate the heart to pump blood.
  3. Fiber , the body will also need fiber that will make digestion more healthy and smooth.

If you already know some of the things that make us anemic then we can look for where the food was good. Process food properly will also make low blood we become more resolved. Surely we can more boil food to be tasted food that tastes good and also the food was more awake quality.

Good salt for Hypotension

For those who experience low blood can also consume a lot of salt. Because this is not a taboo; it will help in increasing the blood that is in us. For that we can provide more doses while cooking so that we can get this sodium substance.

In fact for people with low blood can consume canned foods are actually very nice to health. Canned food can increase blood pressure in a person and will make them more healthy of course. Do not hesitate this canned food can get to easily. But also should not be too frequent.

Egg yolk

So much indeed food for low blood alias hypotension can be our mainstay. One of them also because foods such as eggs will be very helpful. Besides adequate rest will also be very helpful in giving blood pressure is good for our bodies. So always use a few healthy foods and meals accordingly.