Flood Resistant Home Design Tips

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Having a home stay located in areas prone to flooding would have been very risky. If the rainy season arrives, you must be prepared well in advance. Starting from securing furniture and various home accessories, pack important documents, secure the electrical installations and water and always on guard to ensure the safety of the entire household.

Flooding in addition to impact the material loss is also threatening. In terms of material, people living in areas prone to flooding should be prepared to lose or damage their property owned facilities. Not only that, the public means of transport such was often too distracted.

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Only limited land and land prices are increasingly not compromise often makes a person have no choice. Forced them to be willing to have homes in flood-prone area. Or even homes that had never previously affected by flooding, sudden frequent flooding due to the flood and the impact of environmental degradation is increasingly alarming.

If you want to anticipate the problems above, try to flood-resistant house design tips below:

First , for those who want to build a house. Some things you need to prepare as follows:

(1) High-foundation ranged between 40-50 cm above the road on the front of the house;

(2) Soil covering, with a minimum height of 50 cm above the road. Make sure the yard and carport higher than the road surface;

(3) Make sure the height of the core part of the house is already above the maximum height of the floods that have occurred. Minimally higher than the surface of the roads, rivers, or other water channels;

(4) Make sure the sewage, drainage channels, and electrical installations are in flood-free areas.

Secondly , for the house that will be renovated. There are several alternatives to choose from:

(1) Raising the floor higher. Make sure the distance between the floor and ceiling do not get too close, the high ceiling is not too close to the head of an adult male;

(2) Make a blockade around the patio. The risk could reduce the aesthetic value of the building;

(3) Make a fish pond at the park. But the existence of the pool is only able to withstand a flood light. The risk is, you will lose the fish when the flood came;

(4) Make water catchment areas.