Nepal disaster: “There is no longer possible survivors”

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“We tried desperately to rescue and relief efforts but now I think there is no possibility of any survivors under the rubble,” said interior ministry spokesman Laxmi Prasad Dhakal told AFP.

In Nepal government records, in addition to nearly 17,000 deaths, 14 021 people were injured in an earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter.


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The death toll could still growing, given the thousands of people in remote areas whose fate is still unknown.

Search and rescue efforts are still ongoing in some hill districts including Dhading, Rasuwa and Sindhupalchok, said emergency relief co-ordinator Hemanta Pal.

Nepal has requested increasing international assistance, both for search and rescue assistance, as well as emergency relief, and admit that they are not readymenghadaoi the disaster.

To the BBC, Information Minister Minendra Rijal said that “seminars and workshops may not particularly useful” in handling the crisis.

“And all the projections do not take into account … that so many people and so many areas will be affected by this disaster,” he said. “This is a disaster on a very large scale.”

Landslides and bad weather have hampered attempts to deliver aid to remote areas.

“Almost every house in my village were destroyed, and 20 people died,” said Kumar Ghorasainee told AFP amid the ruins of his hometown Melamchi in Sindhupalchok, northeast of Kathmandu.

The area is identified by the Red Cross as one of the most severely hit by the earthquake.

There are only about 20 helicopters for emergency rescue and relief operations, whereas the areas hit by the disaster stretches for hundreds of kilometers.

Here and there clashes as victims who require evacuation can not be transported by helicopter because it was too full, the BBC’s Sanjoy Majumder.

China will send more planes, but still less than the requirement. Also the need for heavy terrain vehicles and land vehicles for the transport of humanitarian aid