The house Earthquake Early Anticipation When Lindu Coming (1)

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Indonesian Property Magazine March 2017 issue of lowering the reviews about construction quake-resistant houses. Mentioned basic principles of earthquake resistant houses there are two, namely the structural rigidity and flexibility damping. Earthquake emergency kit the trick to making the whole structure into one unit so that the load can be borne and transmitted together and proporsioanal. The building must be able to survive if it changes shape caused by the earthquake.

Indonesia is known as a country that is in the ring of fire or the ring of fire so that it becomes prone to earthquakes. During January 2017 alone, an earthquake struck Be how regions in Indonesia such as in West Sumbawa-NTT, Morotai-Malut, Pangandaran, West Java, Nias-North Sumatra, South Coast of West Sumatra, Sangihe-North Sulawesi, Bengkulu, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Rokan Hulu -Riau, Ternate- Malut, and Sukabumi.

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The number of casualties is not caused by a natural phenomenon commonly referred Lindu by the Java community, but because of falling buildings are damaged or collapsed. Benny Puspantoro, in book-Rise Building Construction Not to mention, the damage to houses caused by the earthquake, among others, the outbreak of the foundation and the floor resulting in a building down or tilted past a wall, door or window frame cracked or broken.

Then frame buildings, ceilings, roofs, changing its form be incomplete or shift to a horizontal direction and becomes unstable. Most total is building collapsed. Recognizing the opportunities earthquake large enough, it should be a building or houses in Indonesia was built in accordance with the Building Act No.28 / 2002.

Along with the development of technology, earthquake resistant buildings are being developed constantly. Now, quite a lot of earthquake-resistant buildings are offered and can be selected by the community to losses caused by the earthquake can be minimized.

Earthquake resistant building in question is a building which, when shaken minor earthquake did not damage anything, rocked the earthquake was only damage to the elements of the non-structural alone, and when the earthquake rocked large could experience damage to the elements of the non-structural and structural, but the building is still standing and did not collapse.

The basic principle on earthquake resistant house there are two, namely the reduction of structural rigidity and flexibility. The trick is to make the whole structure into one unit so that the load can be borne and transmitted together and proporsioanal. The building must be able to survive if it changes shape caused by the earthquake.

Rigidity principle structure of the house, making the structure more solid to shocks. Evidently, rigid structures such as reinforced concrete, if made properly, can reduce tremor. So at the time of construction, the structure must be made more robust and rigid. The stiffness of the structure to avoid the possibility of the building collapsed when the earthquake struck.

Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) through the Directorate General for the Provision of Housing continues to encourage the development of Healthy Simple Instant House (Risha) in earthquake-prone regions. Their model homes, is expected to minimize the damage caused by the earthquake so the losses suffered by the community can be reduced.

Risha start engineered by the Center for Housing Research and Development (PUSKIM) and the Institute for Research and Development (Research and Development) of the Ministry PUPR since 2002 because it rests on a ministerial decree, Decree No. Kimpraswil 403 / KPTS / M / 2002 concerning Technical Guidelines Simple Healthy House. Two years later, on December 20, 2004, the technology was launched by the Ministry PUPR Risha.

“Technology Risha is essentially an earthquake-resistant houses. So it is destined for areas that are prone to earthquakes, “said Syarif Burhanuddin, Director General of the Ministry of Housing Provision PUPR. Currently, he added, Kemterian PUPR Risha encouraging development in the earthquake zone.

For the construction Risha, said Sharif, in addition to using the latest building technology is also expected to accelerate the process of building houses. Nevertheless, competent human resources in the Risha development is still small. “We will continue to attempt to socialize Risha technology to the wider community as well as developers and builders so that people can use it,” Sharif added.

Risha earthquake resistant tested up to force eight on the Richter scale (SR) and eight Modify Mercalli Intensity (MMI). That is because the cube-shaped module with a size of three by three meters, so it has the same power. If an earthquake happens, the cube will move together and divided equally strength so it will not collapse. While the connection is tested to withstand loads up to 30 tons. Concrete is made has a durability of up to 100 years old, termite resistant, waterproof and weatherproof.