Benefits of Spinach To Diet, Skin and Pregnant Women and Babies

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tas ultah anak Spinach is not only contains a lot of iron, but also  contains vitamins that are good for health, especially for mother and child. Here are the benefits of spinach for mother and child health.

1. Lose weight

The fiber content in spinach more than 20 per cent and very good to help you lose weight. Spinach benefits for dietary fiber to meet the body and reduce the appetite. Fiber in spinach can also launch the metabolism in the body to diet, spinach can be used as a vegetable or made compulsory for juice mixed with honey or milk.

2. Good for healthy eyes

Spinach contains a lot of potassium and iron are also very good for eye health. Iron and vitamin A in spinach can clear eyes and also makes the eyes healthier. Spinach consumed daily can prevent eye diseases, such as nearsightedness or cataracts.

3. Keeping the skin moist

Spinach contains vitamin A which is very much, vitamin A is what can help maintain healthy skin. Spinach benefits to the skin that can keep the skin moist. In addition, spinach also can eliminate acne and also as an anti-wrinkle. Utilizing spinach for healthy skin can be done in two ways, namely by taking it directly and also serve as a mask or scrub.

4. For the brain and bone health of children

Spinach is also very good for the health of children and infants. Spinach benefits for babies and children among which can improve children’s intelligence. In addition, the content of potassium and iron in spinach is very good for the growth and development of bone in children. In infancy, children need a lot of iron and potassium. Well, by eating spinach may help the development of children’s brains and bones.

5. Lowering blood pressure

Not only good for children and infants, spinach is also very good for consumption by pregnant women. Spinach benefits for pregnant women that can lower high blood pressure. The risk of high blood pressure in pregnant women is very high. With a lot of eating spinach can reduce the risk of high blood pressure in pregnant women.

Spinach is very much beneficial but for people aged 30 years and older is recommended to not consume the spinach too much because it can lead to joint pain.