Benefits Onions For Body Health  

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Onion is a material that is very often found as part of Indonesian cuisine. Onion is a spice that can provide additional effect on the savory cuisine. Therefore the use of onion in cooking concoction could even be regarded as an integral part of Indonesian cuisine. One interesting thing to note is that there are many health benefits of red onion that could add impetus to use onion as part of a healthful consumption.

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Onion and health benefits clearly caused by the content of certain compounds that can be found in the material. Of course, the draw of the onion is that the outward form of tiny contained many compounds that the body needs.

To mention a few of which are vitamin K and vitamin E from existing vitamins, potassium and calcium following the type of mineral. The whole of these substances show benefits for health onion caused by the proportion which is sufficient to supply the nutrients needed by the body.

In addition, for the health benefits of red onion can also be connected to the utility to cure several diseases. Onion for example, can cure a mild headache and whooping cough. In addition, red onions can also help facilitate digestion which at the same time also be an appetite stimulant. Red onions help clear out toxins in the digestive system which makes the body can absorb food eaten better.