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8 subject towards income stie prakarti mulya large-One amu bill While memlih subject, will be That possibilities due to the future. meaning The item regardless of whether a person Pick majors which might be required with the future (ed: When you\’ve already graduated). with addition, your take-home pay The item would be used for the future end up being the judgment Select a subject.
Here usually are eight majors that has a very tempting prospect, simply just coming from choosing individual associated with eight majors below, You might get loaded quick. .hohoho. Let’s refer!

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1. Petroleum Engineering
Salary is usually taken is actually a lot more than USD 17 Million
Petroleum Engineering department ranks primary in the majors That provide graduates which paid a good super great. Why? because the world Oil in addition to Gas is usually a source involving tremendous advantage. the income of a oil services will be very high. inside the course You may recognize everything related to oil, the search for oil, oil processing, oil drilling, gas, geothermal, etc.
Petroleum Engineering job options yes needless to say ones company-dong oil petambangan providers include, among others: Pertamina, entire E & P, Schlumberger, Halliburton, Exxon Mobil, British Pretoleum, ConocoPhillips, Shell Vico, Medco, Baker Hughes, etc.
Universities The item required division regarding Petroleum Engineering are: ITB, UPN, Trisa
Salary is actually obtained approximately Rp 12 trillion — 15 million
In the actual course You might learn everything In regards to the search, identification, processing, mining materials, planning as well as implementation of numerous mining minerals mine company
Job chances throughout Mining Engineering among others for the mining companies, including Freeport, Kaltim Prima Coal, Allied Indo Coal, Arutmin Indonesia, Adaro, Berau Coal, Tanito Harum, Antam, INCO, Newmont,
Universities The item required Mining Engineering division are: ITB, Trisakti, UNHAS, UPN, Unsri, UNLAM, UNMUL, Cendrawasih University, your current University of a Pacific Islands.
Salary is usually used approximately: us all $ 12 Million
Did you know The idea geophysical mix of geology in addition to physics. uuuhhh wrote already tricky geology, plus consequently much more challenging physics ya: D.
The difference geology inside geophysics is usually situated for the technique used. Geophysical study of your earth by way of ways along with concepts regarding simple and also applied physics. Majors employment outlook will be very good. Graduated coming from the actual division You can be working throughout solutions similar to Caltex Pacific, Elnusa Geosciences, Schumbelger, Medco Energy, Unocal, British Petroleum, Freeport, Geoservices, Pertamina, BMG, etc.
Universities providing Engineering section Geofisikadiantaranya: ITB, ITS, UGM, ubuntu, UNHAS, UPN, UNSYIAH, UNTAN, UNCEN
Salary is usually considered about: USD 11-12 Million
His name will be additionally tekik geology, would have interacted by the content of a earth. much like the formation of a earth, earthquakes, volcanoes, geothermal, weathering, metamorphism, erosion, rocks, minerals, soil, etc. whether or not that you are an spoiled child, greater resign deh if want to be able to study with engineering geology. because of the geological engineering office takes a great strong user physically and also mentally, since inside the particular office many box perform in the package that do not mess of around alias extreme.
Job options Geological Engineering diantarnya: Medco Energy, Pertamina, Chevron, Freeport, Exxon, Total, PT Antam, PT Timah, etc.
Universities providing Engineering section Geologidiantarnya: ITB, UGM, Undip, UNHAS, Padjadjaran University, UPN, Trisakti, Unsoed