Purpose as well as benefits Writing    STIE Prakarti Mulya

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A. Objectives AND launch connected with Writing STIE Prakarti Mulya

1. your current purpose of writing

The purpose associated with writing is:

a. Informing everything, be It facts, data AND events, similar to the opinions and also views of any facts, information in addition to events The idea reader to help gain new knowledge and also understanding information on a variety of items and also The idea happens for this earth.

b. Persuading during writing an author expects the reader will be additionally able to discover your current attitude, whether in order to approve or assistance This can be put forward. Authors In the event become capable to persuade AND convince your own reader via persuasive language style. Therefore, ones function of the article persuasion is actually able to build whether the writer is usually in a position to produce a good style This is attractive, familiar, friendly, and also effortless to help digest.

c. Educating will be individual of an goals involving communication through writing. during reading the writings associated with insight in to one’s knowledge will probably continue to help grow, honed intelligence, in which will probably eventually distinguish a person’s behavior. people which are generally educated pertaining to example, are usually more open in addition to tolerant, extra respectful regarding different people’s opinions, as well as of course tend to be further rational.

d. Entertaining run and also purpose associated with entertaining in communication, not your monopoly of an mass media, radio, television, art print media but will certainly additionally play a great role inside entertaining ones audience readers. Writings as well as readings “light” filled inside anecdotes, humorous stories in addition to experiences in case also possibly be reading penglipur lara or for you to release tension soon after an busy day associated with activity.


Abdurrahman in addition to Waluyo (2000: 223) USA The idea “the purpose of writing with elementary school students to help copy, carry notes, AND do most of your tasks given in school with the hope train throughout good language skills”.

According Syafie’ie (1988: 51-52), your current purpose connected with writing is classified As follows:

1) Changing ones reader confidence;

2) Instilling understanding something of a reader;

3) Stimulating your own thought processes reader;

4) Fun as well as entertain your reader;

5) Inform ones reader; and

6) Motivating your own reader.