Benefits Benefits of Lemon For Skin

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Lemon. Usually served for salad, or a garnish on meat or other dishes. This citrus fruit resembling can be found in Indonesia with a relatively expensive price than oranges. Lemon with orange flavor is different, so it’s quite a bit of society who love this fruit. Lemon sour taste possessed it may also make the fat in the body gradually out with secretion. So many people, including women, who prefer the consumption of lemon and add a healthy diet everyday.

Here we review what are the benefits of lemon in the face. Having a healthy face, shining and perfect is the desire of every woman. Then the treatment is fairly cost is quite expensive. However lemon, can provide natural results without having to visit a beauty salon and pay dearly.


This is the 5 benefits of lemon in the face:

Brighten and Make Shining Skin
Benefits of lemon in the face of the first: the skin becomes more optimal regeneration, so that dead skin cells lifted, the pH of the skin to be balanced and naturally the skin will be flushed and glowing. Make lemon as a face mask. Mix honey with half a lemon squeezed, and olehkan face. Let stand for 15 minutes and use this mask once a week on a regular basis. Then rinse your face with warm water.

Clean the face of Dirt stopper Pori
If you are accustomed to using chemical-based facial foam, once you know the benefits of lemon in the face of this, of course you will reduce it. Lemon sliced 1 cm thick and lemon juice rubbed on or applied using a swab bud to the face, then the lemon juice will work effectively remove dirt dust and other pore blockage, and remove impurities cause blackheads and pimples.

Overcome Oily
content of vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, and calcium in lemon can help reduce the production of sebum on the face. Lemon beauty treatments can be done by coating the face wash with warm water and rub the lemon juice to the face and leave on for 15 minutes to dry. Then rinse.

Lip moisturizes
your lips chapped? Try to feel the benefits of lemon and lemon in the face. Vitamin C is the content which can nourish the body’s cells and optimize their performance. By rubbing lemon on chapped lips, let stand a few minutes, and rinse with clean water. Perform routine.

Treating Acne
Terlanjur acne? Quiet, try this way in order to get the benefits of lemon in your face. Peras 1 lemon, take the juice, then wipe the lemon juice to the acne gently using a cotton bud or swab. Do the morning and evening, after cleaning the face. Results will be visible after a week.

Benefits of lemon in the face of the above adequately define the nutritional content of the lemon that is useful for you. Surely this would be an alternative to having naturally beautiful face.