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Asr time is yet to come. I still menyibuki work in front of an office desk, earthquake survival kit the atmosphere of the room even when it was quite crowded. But suddenly, I was shocked out of the chair. Great shock was thrilling workspace. Suddenly, the sound of panic broke out. Flocking me and the residents of the two-story building located at Jl. Tgk Daud Beureueh, Banda Aceh was running out.

The sound of a car alarm that blared from the turmoil in the parking lot adds to the hectic atmosphere. All around me, cries, dhikr, adhan, and hysterically shouted. Yes, it was the biggest earthquake I have ever tasted was happening.

11 April 2012, an earthquake of 8.5 magnitude rocked Aceh promptly at 15:38. Having never felt a big earthquake, I was confused. Although theoretically I know what to do when an earthquake, but because it was never confronted with an earthquake of that size, I just stood for a moment.

While other friends began to flock to leave the office to quickly return home to see their families or escape to a safer place, I still do not know what I should do. For me that was not yet willing to escape bekeluarga see who and who is also confused.

Within minutes, the street in front of my office and the already jammed full of vehicles. Everyone raced to escape as far as possible. Understandably, the region that includes the less secure at the time of the tsunami disaster occurred 10 years ago. When I was thinking about what action would I do, a friend who had a wife who is based at the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), to pick up his wife and took refuge on the roof CPM happen to have a higher building from my office.

BPS rooftop, I was trying to contact their families back home via mobile phones. But to no avail. It seems that the telecommunications network overload or damaged by the earthquake. The atmosphere was a little reassuring for me to change alarming when the aftershocks come. Several aftershocks rocked us who remained on the roof of the building.

Although not as big as the previous aftershocks, but enough to make us a dilemma. The dilemma between remain in the roof of the building at risk of collapse if not stronger buildings withstand earthquakes, or down and left the building with the tsunami risk if suddenly the tsunami came.

After looking towards the sea from the roof of the building, we decided to leave the building and drive to a safer place. The information that I hear when it’s only through a police patrol car that says there is no tsunami potential. Network mobile internet on my phone completely inaccessible. Before going to a safer place, we headed to the ATM to withdraw money as needed and stopped at a shop to buy rice packets, as preparation if anything happened.

Lucky traffic jams have been reduced. Having previously planned to go to around Blang Bintang, we finally decided to stop in a cafe in front of the bus terminal in Batoh until after sunset while spending lunch pack which we bought in the shop before.

At night, I do not sleep well in a dorm room, thinking about the possibility of aftershocks again. Backpack I prepare, I fill it with clothes and food as necessary as a preparation for the guard if it should escape the middle of the night. In fact, my friend the couple to flee to sleep at the inn in Lambaro, Aceh Besar, avoid areas close to the coast in order to sleep soundly. Alhamdulillah large magnitude earthquake does not cause a tsunami.

Settlements on the coast, Ulee Lheue

That’s the experience I encounter the massive earthquake in Aceh. I did not have direct experience of the 2004 tsunami experience because in that I have not lived in Banda Aceh. But look at the mess evacuation in April 2012 that occurred nearly eight years since the 2004 tsunami disaster, I think the handling of prevention and evacuation in Aceh is still less than the maximum.

Sabagai example, there are still very many people fleeing up the motor vehicles instead of walking or cycling. Streets because of the breakdown of motor vehicle use can have fatal consequences in the event of a tsunami as hamper the evacuation.