A Touching Story Bai Fang Li, Old Man Artisan 300 Pedicab Yang Sending Poor Children

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Motivation life story this time is about an old man pedicab driver who has been sending 300 poor children, the following we just read the article. Motivator Indonesia
Bai Fang Li a person whose name is still fragrant in China. Previously he was a rickshaw driver who has been known to nearly every corner of China because it has a heart of gold. Even the stories of kindness Bai Fang Li is still famous even if it had occurred in 1987 ago.

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Initially Bai is a retiree who then stumbled on with his life with a return to his hometown. At one point he saw a lot of children – children are less capable of working in the fields and rice paddies.

Son Bai Fang Li told “He asked why many children – children not in school. Then I say that they are less able children that can not afford to pay school fees. father then worried and then 5,000 yuan donated money to the school in our hometown, “.


Bai Fang Li Being Plumbers Pedicab

At that time, Bai Fang Li still feel not enough to be able to help the child – the child, and in the end he decided to become rickshaw drivers or rickshaw pullers who at that time were already 74 years old.
fang bai li finance 300 poor children
Initially children – son Bai warned her father not to pull rickshaws because of her age who are not young anymore, especially when the hearing has begun to decrease, but the advice of his son ignored him.

More time is spent on hung on the platform to wait for passengers who wish to use the services of becaknya. His son says that he always set out at dawn and return when it’s getting dark. Per day, he managed to collect 20 to 30 yuan. When he got home and save the money well.
fang bai li when collecting money Then, to be able to expand its business to meet the needs of foster children, he then moved to a very small house, which have only one room. The house is located right on the edge of the rail, it allows him to be able to serve passengers for 24 hours. At that time the greater earnestness, he only ate potluck meal, he even wore old clothes he had found, it was certainly that he did not spend a lot of money for himself, but for the money he saved for the needs of foster children.

Xu Xiang Xiu, someone who works in a supporting foundation of education said that Bai never forget to give the money to go to school even did not hesitate to scold us that money he gave correct – properly sent to school. And all he gave the money he was happy and he said that he had completed his mission again.

One day, when he was already almost 90 years as well as his increasingly frail, he came to school Tianjin Yao Hua, then he handed the last box of money that can be collected by it.

Bai Fang Li also said ‘I can no longer pedal rickshaws. I can not contribute anymore. And this is probably the last money that I can contribute, I hope the child – the child can continue school diligently and hope someday they get jobs and contribute to our country.

the cries of young children during fang bai li died

Her message was also later welcomed by the hysterical cries of foster children. Then in 2005, he really – really has left 300 foster children who financed him for two decades. Bai Fang Li has been diagnosed with lung cancer.
Until the end of his life Bai counted already donated $ 350 thousand yuan, or about 500 million.

To appreciate his services, residents around Tian Jin Bai then had built monuments. By resident Tian Jian, Bai Fang Li is the hero they can not be replaced.

monument fang bai li
Touching story grandfather’s old pedicab driver really touches the heart, how not? In old age, he was willing to work hard to be able to educate underprivileged children dikotanya numbering up to 300 children. The award is given by people around Tian Jin him as a hero who really deserve an award he can get.