Successful Different To Replace Plastic Bags

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Successful Different To Replace Plastic Bags.  Nowadays , non woven pouches even are a brand-new material but becoming more popular in our life. They, with their advantages such as: soft, durable, cheap, reusable, safe to milieu and our health and peculiarly can separated in a short time, are dallying as one of important factors in milieu shield campaigns. Meanwhile, plastic bags are known as a great invention due to raincoat clevernes, cheap price and sustainability in natural began many mars to our environment and health. To ensure a safe milieu for our contemporaries, exploiting biodegradable plastic bags to oust regular pouches is required but production cost for these pouches is too high. So non woven pouches seem to be an effective option. Please have a look at some advantages that non woven pouches bring to us :
Successful Different To Replace Plastic Bags
1. No poison: original non woven textile are natural plastic, so non woven pouches are very environmental friendly. After 3- 6 months, they are completely separated in natural environment leaving no poison on the earth and entirely can be reused. The elements generated after the following procedure will provide good nutrition for trees and soil. Meanwhile, regular plastic bags are made from oils, gases and additives mainly are heavy metal, paints … particularly dangerous elements to our health and environment. Plastic bag manufacturing process makes a lot of poisonous CO2 polluting to the atmosphere, increasing the greenhouse effect and change global atmosphere. These pouches are on landfills that thwart oxygen ingress through the soil, induce soil erosion, realise soil good , not porous, less nutrition, then realise flowers grow up slowly grosir tas ransel anak online. More serious that the soil and irrigate polluted by plastic bags will affect directly and indirectly to human health. So exploiting non woven pouches is to protect the environment and our health .

2. Simple decomposition: non woven textile is made from long fibers, bonded together by substance, mechanical, heat or solvent management that they are able decompose absolutely within 3- 6 months in the natural environment. So non woven pouches can end their life cycle in a very short time while plastic bags requirement hundred of millions of year to do that. With this non lethal piece , non woven fabric pouches seem to be an environmental affectionate alternative that contribute to maintain a long habitat for our contemporary .

3. Cheap price: regular plastic bags are popular in our life because of cheap price, easy-going use and light-headed value. Meanwhile, biodegradable plastic ones are 3- 4 times more costly than regular ones. Even no CO2 , no metal , no poisonous dioxin but their price is too expensive and difficult for consumers to accept. If is not possible used in time, biodegradable pouches also are decomposed by oxygen and sunlight. When we compare the cost to produce a plastic bag with a non woven bag, a non woven bag is certainly more costly than a plastic bag. Nonetheless, due to washable clevernes , non woven bags can be reused many times and it seems to be cheaper than plastic ones. So non-woven pouches are an optimal solution for agreeing economic benefit and environmental sanitation .

4. Washsability andreusability: non woven textiles create many beneficial aspects such as: thin, spongy, soft, breathable, and is not irk the human body. Due to waterproof clevernes, we can soap and baked to reuse more terms to save money. This function is very low with plastic bags even they are unable only be reused for other purposes due to saving payments .

5. Nice printing, numerous type: non woven textile can be printed immediately on surface by silk publishing or reproduced on movie then laminated together to get many emblazons and many idols that can meet variety’s involve of consumers. Printing on non woven pouches is nice colour, superb and would be an effective way in market approaches for companies to promote their brands. Non woven pouches can be made by heat seal or seaming that ply customers a wide range of type meanwhile plastic bags are restraint derive from their product technique .