How to Lose Weight Fast

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Diet catering murah Just as plants or animals, we are as living beings that can breathe and die in need of food and beverages. Food and beverages serves as builders of life, motion controllers and control organs of the body, when the body does not consume food and beverages automatically the body will feel sluggish and weak, the body can not move freely, and organ performance is compromised, even if it is severe can causing death.

Fruit juice is a material that is rich in vitamins, fiber, antioxidants and other compounds, fruit juice can be a substitute for mineral water to reduce the risk of dehydration and build the immune system so it does not get sick. Addition to working to maintain the health of the body and improve skin beauty, the fact that fruit juices can also help you lose weight, because of the high fiber content helps digestion so that there is no buildup of fat and constipation.

Diet lemon

How to lose weight quickly and easily in addition to diligently consume the juice of fruit and vegetables is by way of diet lemon. To consume lemon juice to your diet, you should meraciknya first, ie by mixing lemon juice with maple syrup, water and cayenne pepper powder. This diet lasts approximately 16 days with some provisions, including:

1. You are only allowed to consume raw vegetables and fruits during the first 3 days, its function is to clean the dirt that is found in the body.

2. Next is the lemon diet, after the third day ends, you can continue to consume a concoction of lemon that has been explained clearly and in detail above for approximately 10 days, you can combine lemon juice diet is by consuming water.

3. After 13 days passed well and you do not fail, then finish the mission of this diet by consuming food as usual, you can eat rice and other solid food.

Dietary mineral water

How to lose weight naturally without medication that does not lose efficacy is mineral water diet. This diet does not require you to only drink water only every day, mineral water diet is more on how you organize and suppress appetite.

Mineral water serves as a controller. Familiarize yourself to regularly consume 8 glasses of mineral water every day, drink 1-2 jaml minera water before eating and after eating, the drinking water becomes depressed appetite so you no longer eager to consume large amounts of food as usual.