Orange Cultivation Tips How Grafting

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If you are interested in or cultivate oranges , then there are several ways to get the seeds citrus. That could be by way of seeds, seedlings of the grafts up by grafting.

Well, from the above three ways, then I will explain how to cultivate oranges by grafting as compared to these two ways, then grafting is more effective and easier process.

Especially when compared to the use of seeds for breeding. Cultivation by grafting iallah the way most in demand by citrus growers.

Grafting is better when compared to the way the graft. The trick is to embed an eye, the young shoots or branches from one plant to another plant stems.

To carry out the cultivation by grafting, the first day of the ledge you do is to sow the seeds of the first orange. The goal is to obtain an orange tree which will we pasted with buds of other trees.

Citrus cultivation


Citrus cultivation

Unfortunately, not all types of citrus can be used for rootstock. Therefore, as the solution you should look for the kinds of fast in growth. The goal is the tree can be used for grafting only within a period of 1 year to 1.5 years. The grafted seedlings at a distance of approximately 30 cm from the roots if the trunk is quite large. By using a sharp knife, slice the stems of plants of approximately 1 x 4 cm.

Then, pasted with existing bark shoots, on the other citrus plants, with the same size. The trick is to dip a rope on hot farafin. The function of this method is to turn off germs and germs that stick.

After that, Shoots are tied with string attached kemudika Tie raffia raffia tightly. When fastened, try buds still sticking out.

Give shade to be walkin drought. Shoots are the color green as before it could grow into a trunk poko. If grafting have been aged 15 days already detachable bond.

The stems are plastered shoots are cut approximately 10 cm above the bud, over time it becomes apparent a green dot that is the beginning of the shoot. If the shoot has reached 1.5 meters high, it can be trimmed and can be moved to the garden. Tree grafting fruitful results within 3 to 5 years.