Tips Leaving Home when Vacationing

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Each ahead of the Idul Fitri holiday, we are often treated with a variety of tips, ranging from going home preparation tips, troubleshooting vehicle inspection before going home, going home safe tips, tips for finding temporary helper and a myriad of other tips.

Like do not want to miss, this time Tanya Alarm & CCTV was willing to join in giving tips on home security when left homecoming. Not why not? These tips we quote from the flyer US Inspect in the United States (US). Although there may be inconsistent with the beliefs or our thinking, but these tips a lot of benefits. Here’s an excerpt:

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Home Burglary Prevention Tips

Summer is often interpreted with vacation time! But while traveling, have our homes are safe from theft? According to the Insurance Information Institute there are at least 2.15 million cases of theft every year ( in the US – ed.). Jual Fire Alarm Bandung more than 65% of it is theft in homes and occurred at the height of the holiday in July and August. So, how is that our homes are safe during the holidays? Here are some useful tips for you, so that later the only concern you during the holidays just sunburn!

  1. Do not share your holiday online at social networking. Many people who are actively taking Facebook, Google+ and more. Maybe this time you have 500 friends online, but only 15 of them were really close friends, instead. The rest just know briefly. Well, do not announce your holiday to everyone in social media, because essentially you are announcing to 500 persons, that your house is empty for one week. As many as 499 of them may be able to believe it, but it only takes one person to ruin your holiday.
  1. Do not mention your vacation plans in a voice mail message or answering emails with the “out of office”; let’s just say I was not at the table and promptly returned upon completion.
  1. Do not write any message over the door that says you’re going away or holidays.
  1. Use motion sensors that will automatically turn on the lights in your home yard. ( Lamp is easily obtained automatically on the market – ed .)
  1. Verify all doors and windows if it is completely locked.
  1. Cover tightly and lock the garage.
  1. Prune shrubs and trees in the courtyard so not worn den of thieves.
  1. Install the outside door solid, sturdy and install good quality locks on windows. Most thieves do not want to struggle. Each of the hamper will they avoid.
  1. Do not keep cash, jewelry or valuables in large quantities in the house, especially those that can be seen from the window.
  1. Replace all the keys is ever lost or stolen.
  1. Lock the door storage space and store lawn mowers, barbecue, bike and so avoid being seen.
  1. Put a curtain in the window of garage doors and windows in the basement room.
  1. Do not store the key under the doormat, flower pots and so on. Thieves generally already know this habit.
  1. Tell the neighbors to be aware of suspicious people and vehicles in front of the house.
  1. Secure all securities, including driver’s license and other identification cards.

Photograph 16. Record or all contents of the house, including electronic equipment owned, complete with serial number. This helps when there is a fire and filing claims. Insurance companies generally recommend you to record the price of goods, date of purchase, serial number and so on to identify ownership.

  1. Use a timer for lighting in the house so the lights off during the day and lit up at night ( Timer like this are sold in stores electricity – ed .). Leaving the lights on all day is not a good idea. In addition it seems awkward, it would be a waste of energy, of course.
  1. Advise post office to suspend delivery of mail (this can be done online in a few minutes), or command that person to continue to take the letter, sent in magazines and newspapers while you are away.
  1. Have someone to cut the grass for you to go.
  1. Leave the car in the driveway (carport).
  1. Make our homes noisy when thieves attempted to enter. Consider installing an alarm system.

Such tips may be useful for loyal readers Ratings Alarms and CCTV. See you later!