Benefits fragrant pandan leaves

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Benefits of fragrant pandan leaves – Benefits kolang forth – pandan leaves may have been we’ve heard it often enough, one kind of leaves that are usually used as a fragrance or natural food colorants, especially in wet or dry cake making. Fragrant pandan leaves have a green color with a distinctive smell fragrant, is why it has the name of fragrant pandan.

Benefits of fragrant pandan leaves apart as culinary can also be utilized as a natural remedy to help be an alternative medicine when you are sick, in addition to cheap, treatment by utilizing fragrant pandan leaves also is also safe, because we do not use hazardous materials, as basic materials. Well here are just some of the benefits of fragrant pandan leaves for health writer can from several sources:

Rheumatic drugs – Benefits fragrant pandan leaves the first is as natural arthritis drug, for my friends who have rheumatic problems try to take advantage of fragrant pandan leaves as a natural medicine, how to first prepare a fresh fragrant pandan leaves as many as three pieces, after being washed to clean small pieces -small then brewed with a glass of hot coconut oil, and let it cool, then brush concoctions that we have made on the body part rheumatic pain.
Increase appetite – appetite decreased issue would have to get special attention, especially for children who are in their infancy, as it can affect the growth, as a solution to overcome the problem of reduced appetite try to grab as many fragrant pandan leaves two pieces, wash thoroughly , then boiled in two cups of water until only half of it, let it cool and then strain take the water and drink twice a day morning and afternoon with a dose of one drink.
Eliminates dandruff – To remove stubborn dandruff we also can take advantage of fragrant pandan leaves as a treatment, take the first way to taste fragrant pandan leaves, washed and mash until smooth, add a few tablespoons of water and then wring it out, take the water filter, how to use the juice of the leaves The fragrance panda with a massage and apply on the hair gently, then let about half an hour, the next step rinse thoroughly. Perform this treatment regularly, at least once a week.
Thus we share this time of fragrant pandan leaves to health, may be useful and may help resolve problems all my friends.