Benefits of Broccoli for Health Body

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Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables consumed daily by our masayrakat. Besides being used for vegetables, broccoli also save a lot of useful nutrients for the body and health lo, these benefits not only for people dew4sa dipeuntukan alone, but for children as well.

Broccoli itself has a designation Latin name Brassica oleracea L, vegetables are classified in the Brassicaceae or cabbage types of parts. Broccoli ditmukan origin in the Mediterranean, but the entrance to the farmers indonesi around 70s.

Part of this vegetable is often consumed is the top / head flower, broccoli also almost has characteristics similar to cauliflower. What distinguishes cauliflower and broccoli are color only, if the green broccoli cauliflower white.
Benefits of Broccoli
Benefits of Broccoli for Health Body
So while the health benefits of broccoli for itself is as follows, hopefully with this article you can be helped:

Vegetables Cancer Prevention
Why be beneficial broccoli to prevent cancer ??? This is because these vegetables “Broccoli” There glucoraphanin content, where content can help the body to process the sulforaphane compound turns into a natural anti-cancer compounds.

And later, vegetable broccoli also contains a compound indole 3 carbinol, whether indole 3 carbinol ?? ie a compound that is beneficial to a natural antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic useful to improve the performance of liver function.

Can Helpful To Reduce Inflammation And Allergies
Broccoli is a vegetable that has a natural ingredient sources kaempferol compounds and compounds isothiocyanates. Both the content is good for anti-inflammatory beramanfaat.

According to some studies, they mention that kaempferol useful both in relieving allergy body. us. Not only that, even broccoli also contain omega 3 fatty acids namely.

Source of Natural Antioxidants
Of all the existing types of vegetables, vegetable broccoli is a source of Vitamin C which is the most concentrated as well as citrus fruits, plus flavonoids that are useful for Vit C and meresicle effectively.
Prevents the body from digestive disorders,

Why is that ?? This is based on vegetable broccoli that contain lots of fiber, as we know for yourself that the fiber is one of the nutrients that are good for the digestive system of the body.

Anti Depression Naturally
Vegetable broccoli contains a lot of folic acid compounds and Vit B, both the content is believed to shy away from the pressure of depression.
Controlling blood pressure in the body,
Their potassium content available on broccoli proved beneficial both to maintain the nervous system, and stabilize blood pressure in the body’s performance.

Can maintain bone health,
the content of vitamin K as well as the content of Kalsiun on this vegetable, useful both to assist the body in preventing osteoporosis and certainly useful for maintaining bone health.

Nourish the skin,
Glucoraphanin the content contained in the vegetable broccoli beneficial it can also help the skin to stay healthy and avoid skin damage caused by sunlight.

Prevent anemia,
For those who are deprived of blood, the type of vegetable is suitable to help raise the blood.