Here is Multiple Benefits Pandan Leaves

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Overcome Weak Nerves

Rinse and 3 (three) pieces of pandan leaves and sliced ??thinly, then boiled with three (3) cups of water to boil until the remaining approximately two (2) glasses of water, after a cold drink of water in the morning and afternoon.

Overcome Dandruff

Rinse 2 to 5 pieces pandan leaves, tiny little slices and crushed into powder, use of crushed leaves of pandanus is to be rubbed rubbed scalp regularly.

Hair blacken

7 fresh pandan leaves evenly chopped and boiled with a glass of water to boil and greenish, after cold let the water condense overnight and the next morning mix with the juice of 3 (three) ripe noni fruit. Use the mixture of water to wash your hair three times a week on a regular basis.

Antirheumatic and stiff

3 fresh pandan leaves washed and thinly sliced. Brewed with a half cup of chopped coconut oil, stirring evenly, use as a liniment after a cold concoction.

Lowering High Blood Pressure

Boil pandan leaves with two cups of water to the remaining around a glass of water, drink the morning and afternoon on a regular basis until blood pressure returned to normal.

Those are some benefits to the health properties of pandan leaves and natural treatments that are beneficial for the health of our bodies to always live a healthy and fresh. Good luck and hopefully useful for everything.