Gymnastics Pose Yoga Beginners With Ease

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Beginner yoga gymnastics is a sport that has many benefits. The decision to begin practicing yoga is a wise decision. Better late to start yoga than never thought to do yoga for life. It’s not a matter of style, where many public figures who are now studying yoga, but it was because yoga has many benefits especially for those who have a high working pressure and little time to exercise outdoors.

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Renowned yoga exercise as exercise strengthens muscles and provides flexibility to the body. The study in 2011 published in the International Journal of Yoga stated that yoga will actively help the body get the flexibility and strengthen muscles.

In addition, the yoga exercises will also improve respiratory and cardiovascular function. So also from the psychological side, according to a website yoga can relieve sress, anxiety disorders and improve our sleep patterns.

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Pose / Gymnastics Yoga Beginners Basic Movement

Start everything from basic, simple mastered first and Rev level to hoist yoga advance . Maybe all this looks complicated yoga poses for beginners, many are hesitant to start this sport because fear can not make a move with bent-nekukkan balance weight. Try to change the mindset that and begin to determine knowledge and a series of simple yoga poses. Here is a basic yoga moves you can learn from now:

Movement Mountain Pose

yoga mountain pose

Mountain pose is a yoga beginner basic movement exercises should be mastered first before the other poses. Mountain pose is done by standing straight with your legs straight meeting, make sure the weight rests on the heels of your feet.

Adjust the shoulder in a relaxed condition and put the arm on the side. Take a deep breath and began to lift the arms above the head. Place the palms to face each other directly. Also make sure that your arms straight with the fingertips by pointing to the sky.

Dog Downward movement

Downward Dog yoga pose

After mastering the mountain pose , we can learn the beginner yoga exercise movement called dog downward . Broadly speaking, we will create an inverted V shape and restrained in that position for at least three full breaths.

To start the movement began to crawl with straight arms with shoulder, put your knees under the hips. Move your hand a few inches forward with your fingers wide / stretchable. Let palms put pressure on the mat.

Squeeze your toes down and slowly push the hips upwards so as to form an inverted V. Move your shoulders away from your ears with wide legs hip-width apart and knees slightly bent.

movement Warior

Warrior yoga pose

The next beginner yoga exercises are movements Warior . Told as a pose Warior as similar as exercise performed by the fighters. Maybe we often see in the movie kung fu movements, such movements similar to yoga poses Warior .

How do pose Warior begins by standing with feet apart at a distance of 1 meter. Position your right foot in front with bent at an angle of 90 degrees and the left foot is in the back with a straight position.

Place your hands to your hips and relax-kan our shoulders, then spread your arms to the side with palms facing down. By positioning your right knee bent 90 degrees means that the weight will come and knees posisikat we gaze out over the face of our hands for 1 minute. After that repeat the same thing with the switch position.

Movement Tree Pose

tree pose yoga

Beginner yoga gymnastic movements which then need to master is the movement of tree pose . This hoist is said tree pose as a tree-like form. To start this pose start by standing with the hands at his side.

After standing upright, begin to bend the right leg towards the thigh left leg and keep the hips remain facing forward. Begin to maintain the balance, if the balance has been obtained, we can begin menganggakat hands like praying position with palms facing each other. On the inhalation, start to lift the arm above the shoulder so that the position of the arms will be straight. After that open up to each other palms facing each other for 30 seconds.

Movement Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose yoga exercises

Forming a bridge pose similar is our goal this pose. To facilitate starters this pose may use a cushion to fall back on our tail bone. Pillows can also avoid injuries that could be caused by one motion.

To start pose bridge , first expand the chest and thighs then start laying on the floor with the knees bent directly above the heel. Position your hands are next with palms facing down. Exhale and press the feet onto the floor to lift the hips.

Triangle Pose

Triangle Pose Yoga image

After mastering the beginner yoga exercises with the movement of the bridge , our task is to study the movement of the triangle . This movement can be done in a way spread his arms to the side and start bending your right leg. Keep legs apart at a distance of approximately 1 meter.

Set the right toe facing forward 90 degrees and left foot facing 45 degrees. Position your right hand touching the floor or rigid position right, while the left hand raised above. Start with a facial movements looked up and hold for 5 breaths. Repeat these positions with the opposite side.

Pose Seated Twist

Seated Twist yoga exercises

Seated twist or sit cross is the position of a beginner yoga exercises considerable repeatedly takes practice because it has more difficulties than other movements. First sitting with legs straightened out and then the right leg is crossed towards the left leg so that your right foot facing backwards. Keep the right knee pointing up. Make a well in the right hand placed behind you. Rotate the body as far as best you can.

Cobra pose

yoga cobra pose image

To perform this movement beginner yoga exercises, you have to lie face down on the floor in advance with the times straightened backwards. Tighten your pelvic floor and tuck the hips down and press the shoulders down away from your ears.

Begin to lift your chest toward the front with the fingers of your hand. Relax and repeat this step several times until you truly master this pose.

Pose Pigeon

yoga pigeon pose image

This pose is specific to exercise piriformis / muscle gluteal deep. To do this pose to first prepare yourself to a full push-up position with your palms at shoulder level.

Position the left knee on the floor with bent crosswise so that the left heel is in the right part of the hip. Lower the arms and push your right foot slightly down, chest thrust forward while facing down. Lakuka up to five repetitions and then switch sides.

Pose Crow

crow pose yoga exercises

First position your body in accordance with the pose Downward Dog with palms pressed down and your feet hip-width apart. Keep feet forward until the knee touches the hand. Bend your elbows, lift your heels off the floor and move the fingers on the floor. Abdominal abs movement with legs sticking arms, hold up to about 5-10 breaths.

Pose Child

child pose yoga

Beginner yoga exercises us today ends with a pose child , where to start the pose you should sit comfortably on your heels. Bow your body forward so that the forehead stuck in bed. Lower the chest close to the knee as much as you do and straighten your arms to the front.

Thus some yoga moves that can be done at home. The more exercise will make you master some basic yoga moves. This will greatly help you through the gymnastics yoga beginners.