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Konsultan Iso Freelance – Among the many business people who argue that human resource management is only for big companies. You need to realize that it is a fallacy, because all companies with companies large and small companies, will always require human resource management (HRM).

Recruit a number of people for the position of HR is easy for a big company. However this is related to an expensive investment for start-up companies. Speaking of human resources, will deal also with talent management, and now how to manage talent management in start-up companies?

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The HR should be in a prime position in the business, HR can also be positioned as a business partner in a company and HR also must be able to adapt to technology, so.

Today’s business world have been vying to get into the digital step with the fastest speed, the HR departments of large companies will try to catch up but they have been forgotten in the end also must remain.

Issues related to talent management for the company start-up if the calculated amount is still small keryawannya, knowledge related to HR was not too deep. So now how proper implementation related to talent management in start-up companies are still relatively small it was like what?

Start-up companies, in addition to its turnover is so high, its HR management was fairly still limited just to the recruitment process only. HR team is still not up to that point about how the pengeloalaan talent (talent). Businesses still start up normally still be thinking about how they can continue to run the business and still survive.

At start-up companies are usually in a year turnover is too high, this is the biggest challenge for the management team, particularly the HR team. For companies that are still start-ups in the hire of people is not easy and usually the employee will not like to linger, if this happens then the SDM should be prepared also by the plan (plan) B was in order not to shortage of employees in critical positions.

Turn over the start-up companies usually are very high and it is like have become commonplace. While the company’s e-commerce or digital company two to three years and one employee could still stay it was very nice. As with any online company Grab age company that reaches past two years working as it was still less than one year. It may be because there are two things, and one of them is for their Rafid growth.

Inception, Grab Indonesia still have not thought about the talent, Grab it actually thinking about how the hunting clicking talent who are outside to be drawn into the company. The management team was already aware that such business is still relatively new, so very careful in looking for talent. In contrast to large businesses such as banks, telecom, oil or gas, in which the availability of his talent very much and schools also is everywhere, and how to digitally company?

Do you have to hire an IT person? Actually do not have an IT person as well, which should run the company as the digital enterprise. Because the most important thing is for each company must be a sales, marketing, partner experience, and also includes customer experience. So must know in advance about what kind of talent is much needed by the company? Must be determined in advance by the developer, together with the operation need, talent-talen as what they need?

In the digital age company as it is today, when recruiting talent from similar companies can be sure that the person will be just that’s it. What to do and be of particular concern for business start-ups is about how the talent to develop the remaining internal company itself.

Concept 70: 20: 10% is a concept that could be considered highly effective in managing talent-great talents. The elaboration of the concept is as follows:

1. 70% on the job training process.
2. 20% coaching and mentoring process.
3. 10% training in class process.

In most companies start up that 10% is still not a top priority, because in fact the 70% who are actually on the job training that can make and capable of forming talent from within.

Digital ndustri company usually very specific and very unique business thus available talent from the outside is very limited, so the leaders who were inside that should be responsible fully in to develop the talent that is still there. And it is that one of them carried out by motorcycle online Grab the-talent to develop the best talent to build leadership skills so that coaching and mentoring can be more effective.