Steps for ISO 9001 Certification

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Are you a company that wanted to obtain the ISO 9001 certification ? In this article, we describe the steps to implement and receive certification of ISO 9001 Quality Management System .
Implementation consulting and training ISO 9001 performed by dividing into multiple stages. Here’s the explanation:

I. Kick-Off Meeting & analysist Gap
program begins with a kick-off meeting implement which marks the beginning of the program and also to perform early socialization to all employees of the Company / organization that the company / organization will carry out the implementation and certification of ISO 9001 . It is important to obtain the commitment of company employees as well as to obtain the ISO 9001 and the beginning of the process to be traversed.

Gap analysis is intended to determine the gap between the requirements of the ISO 9001 quality management system with the company’s current situation. The consultant will analyze the process, the documentation and the possible need for additional documents in accordance with the requirements Perusahaan Konsultan Iso

Steps for ISO 9001 Certification

III. Stages of preparation of documents and the fulfillment of the requirements of ISO 9001

The consultant will conduct consultation and help prepare the necessary documents in order to meet the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard.

IV. Stages of Dissemination and Implementation of standards and procedures

Congratulations on completing the design and documentation QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ISO 9001. This is the time to communicate the appreciation and compliments to everyone involved!

Sosialisasikanlah procedures and work instructions are berlaku.Tiap people in your organization is required to conduct such process with documented procedures and work instructions, in order to comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System.

The consultant will assist the company in socializing that involves all employees.

Phase V. Evaluation Management System
To evaluation of the implementation of the Quality Management System, the necessary internal audit that begins with training for ISO 9001 internal auditor   that audits will be conducted achieve the desired results. Internal Audit conducted to assess the suitability, evaluate effectiveness and identify opportunities for improvement. Internal Audit also helps you prepare for an external audit. During the internal audit would you compare your quality system to the requirements of the standard. You will select a group of internal auditors from within your company to conduct the audit.

Results of internal audit is one of the things discussed in the Management Review Meeting, which will be accompanied by a consultant. This evaluation will be possible with the improvement of processes in your organization

VI. Stages certification
is now time to invite the ISO 9001 certification bodies to assess the Quality Management System ISO 9001 you. At this stage there will be the audit findings of the external auditors. We will help you to complete the audit findings. After the audit findings are acted upon, it’s time to get a certificate.

Congratulations now you have received ISO 9001, do continue to increase in order to achieve the results you want.