6 Beautiful Indonesian Artists That Have Own Business

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The range of Indonesian artists which had a corporation is not a top secret anymore. However, let Kulik some regarding them were effectively divides his day between events at the entertainment and also company world. a series of regarding those who assume The idea this company possesses it\’s own, profits is usually further lasting.

Yes, not any doubt that this entertainment industry does not always bring jobs. Meanwhile, there are numerous new artist that may at While get rid connected with them. Hence, zero doubt, the corporation world is additional lucrative in addition to promising despite every effort undoubtedly got ones risks associated with each.

List regarding Artists Beautiful Indonesia That Have Own Business

1. Cynthia Lamusu

Cynthia-LamusuPersonil trio B3 formerly trio ABThree, Cynthia Lamusu, admirable. Not simply just company but Cynthia raised region associated with origin as well as region regarding origin involving her husband with the culinary package via establishing a culinary venture named Kitchen Mama Thia.

Kitchen Mama Thia sell the various dishes typical regarding Gorontalo and also Java Betawi cuisine. Cynthia even sell them on the internet which might be shipped directly for the site.


2. Titi Kamal

Titi-KamalAwalnya, wife regarding Christian Sugiono will be venturing straight into the business world “only” as a passive investor in a variety of culinary companies just like Sushi Miyabi Depok, Kalimalang and also Tebet and Warung Tekko within Kemang.

However, later Titi Kamal features expanded with its own culinary #usaha through Titisari Catering that melayangi daily employees and also factory workers. Not lone that, in her husband, Titi furthermore started an property business by establishing a good Town house.

3. Maia Estianty

Maia-wife EstiantyMantan Ahmad Dani include keen for you to do corporation and also success in the package connected with music. Doing corporation through the field This is still in connection with his passion in the music world such as setting up a Firewood name Le Moesiek Revole, Loune along with karaoke Alegro This target your own upscale market in addition to Mucelo targeting decrease middle class recognizes that this corporations which he proven to face old age as well as the future regarding her three children.

Not lone that, Maya also founded the advertising agency and also outsourcing corporation Persaels Revolitica Indonesia in addition to can be today trying in order to household as well as firm property. Success Maya!

4. Fitri Tropica

Indonesian-Fitr TropicaArtis known This is hilarious Indonesian artist whom had his own company quite unique along with targeting your current on the internet market.

Through the internet site Etalage-id.com, Mubarak as well as his friends sells the many unique goods imported coming from China, Korea, Japan and the UK along with pan shape wall clock, screwdriver-shaped grenade bombs and also mugs developed shape of a camera lens and so on. Creative!

5. Inul

Inul Daratista-DaratistaInul is actually individual of a country girl which moved towards city and It went on always be an dangdut singer. However, Inul not be complacent simply just success on the world associated with singing and also known Equally “shake ngebor” it, Inul view something added lasting in business.

The fact will be That the business is actually perform Inul amazing success to acquire 125 shops karaoke titled “Inul Vizta” known almost all more than Indonesia.

6. Happy Salma

Happy-SalmaSementara your Indonesian artist Happy Salma penetrated straight into ones jewelry institution called Tulola Jewelry because the 2011. with partnership with the American designer, Tulola focus with exclusive jewelry designs and also quality control therefore Equally in order to achieve success for the market, especially overseas, similar to Singapore in addition to Malaysia.

Not quite up there, Tulola Jewelry will be planned to expand into Japan. Good employment Happy Salma!

In life, This really is highly recommended to venture out of any comfort zone can be not consequently secure. most of these artists realized That they essential something more to be able to “save” for the parents. i furthermore like that. Indeed, when i do not necessarily have for getting several corporation This my spouse and i do not end up generating ones focus – but understand new things.


By doing so, my partner and i do not stagnate for the pack — especially areas That my partner and i usually are living This actually provides “expired”. Try to consent The item There are several corporations of which my spouse and i live does have limits thus That Needs new ideas along with organizations The idea help and could be an substitute because of its old business.