Benefits of Turmeric For Health, Beauty Face, And Skin    

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Turmeric is also one of the typical Indonesian spice indeed been popular properties as well as herbs, good as well as a flavoring or natural food colorants. Not only that, turmeric has hidden benefits especially for women. the efficacy of turmeric for health, kecantikanwajah, as well as for women’s skin can be obtained from the processed product which is packaged in the package as well as the many herbs found in pharmacies and markets. Beyond that, turmeric may be in the process so the lotion in combination with other kitchen ingredients for skin health as well as handling the various problems in the face.

Avail turmeric for health, beauty face, as well as herbal drinks shaped skin turmeric (herb)
Turmeric contains vitamin C, carbohydrates, protein and some minerals such as phosphorus, iron and calcium which is useful for health. With the exception of the beverage package, herbs turmeric can make yourself at home. Step makes it relatively easy, grated turmeric as necessary and filter to obtain water and imbuhkan 1 cup of water and boil until boiling. Turmeric herbal medicine is generally in the process with young tamarind leaves, ginger, sugar, beans Kedaung, lime juice, honey, water whiting and chicken egg yolks. Jamu turmeric is consumed regularly can make a smooth menstruation, reduce menstrual pain, deal with the smell of the body, heal the wounds in the stomach, as well as anti-inflammatory, to treat diarrhea, lower fever, vaginal discharge, slimming, handle tonsillitis, cure heartburn and handling problems mouth like canker sores and gum disease.