Order Your Mascot Costumes Online And Enjoy The Benefits

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Many ways can be done to market the product you rely on. If it used to be a lot of marketing strategies using advertising bazaar. But as the times progressed, mascot costume attracted more consumer attention.


If you need mascot-making services to streamline your business, you can order an online mascot that will be exclusively made for you.  centered on Bandung is one of the manufacturing companies in the field of  Kostum Badut and mascot clown costume.


Not only can it serve mascot making, it also serves costume making for activities such as sporting events, campaigns, or any activities intended to attract public attention. These costumes have a positive impact in introducing something to the community.

One costume is usually priced at 1.5 million up. However, online service is also often give a sale. The results of the costumes produced by this company are quite satisfactory. Some of the products that have been produced are the Dio mascot for Indonesia badminton team, Kojib tax, Jackie The Tiger have Tiger Express Restaurant, and more.

This site has a reseller program that you can follow anyway. Info about this program you can ask more on contacts that have been included on the site.

In addition, Maskot.co.id site has a detailed picture and detail of each product. You can also see the results of products from this online shop that has appeared many times in television media such as Dio for mascot Djarum Indonesia Open.