Residents of Fukusaki City Created Shocked by the Presence of Cute Clowns

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Did you ever cry to see the figure of a mascot clown who usually distributes food products? Because I was a child, crying for a snack mascot for a snack. Maybe at that time I was shocked to see there are ducks as big as humans and can say.


Similarly, the events that I experienced, recently Fukusaki city residents located on the east side of this Osaka were horrified by the presence of the mascot figure Kappa Curry in a festival called Tsuji Square folklore Festival.

The festival aims to celebrate and remember the figure of Kunio Yanagite, the original folktale storyteller of Fukusaki. This kappa-like mascot is called Gajirou or better known as Kappa Curry.


Kappa Curry figure is presented by Fukusaki city sightseeing association as an offering for the tourists. The curry offered by Kappa Curry is made to retell the story of Yanagita in his book Furusato Nana Jyu-nen.

According to Yanagita, he was warned by people that do not swim in the river because their kappa Ichikawa will men Engg Elam Shiri Kodama him and forcibly seize property. Shirikodama is a spherical mystical body organ taken through the anus of a person.