Out of town Streets Wear Private Cars. Why Not ?

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The holiday season is coming soon, and maybe you’ve planned to go on vacation with family. If you plan to travel long distances by driving a private car, there are some things you should prepare for the smooth running. Try to follow some of the following tips.

1. Vehicle service

To note is that the engine condition must be completely normal. For that, before traveling, take your car to the repair shop for service. Note also the condition of the tire, whether still feasible to use or it already needs to be replaced. After all, is considered worthy, prepare the car equipment such as spare tires, enough keys, and jack.

Going out of town in a private car is great fun, especially with a minibus or van. But if it still feels tight, you can remove the seat in the middle and replace it with a thin mattress. Complete with Rental Mobil Jakarta Murah enough pillows. Children will be comfortable.

2. Prepare supplies

If you still have a small child, all you have to do is a bottle of milk and hot water in a thermos. Try to pack it with practice. Do not forget to bring pastries and instant baby porridge for your baby.

During the trip, you’ll want to take the children to join the singing together. But if you see kids getting tired and sleepy, turn them off immediately so they can rest.

Also prepare the first aid kit, drugs such as fever, eucalyptus oil or anything else. Although it is now widely available in stores spread throughout the journey, it would be nice to be prepared from home. Also, bring dry and wet wipes and a clean little towel. Towels dampened with water to compress the face and body can make you fresher and reduce fatigue.