Content and Rambutan Fruit for Health Benefits

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1. Prevent canker disease

The first benefit rambutan fruit can prevent thrush. Rambutan is a fruit rich in vitamin C. With vitamin C, we would avoid the disease sprue. When we consume 10 to 12 grains of rambutan, then we have to consume 75 to 90 mg of ascorbic acid.

2. Maintain a healthy digestive system

A person who consumes rambutan, most likely will avoid constipation. Because the rambutan fruit contained a number of fiber that serves to maintain a healthy digestive system. In addition, rambutan also able to eradicate parasites in the intestines. Rambutan are also able to relieve symptoms of diarrhea.

3. Lowering Blood Pressure in Patients with hypertension

Benefits rambutan can further lower blood pressure. Based on the results of the study revealed that eating rambutan 9 or 10 points to effectively lower blood pressure.

4. Support the diet program

Although rambutan fruit contains sucrose and fructose, but the calorie content is very slight. In addition, potassium, calcium and magnesium are excellent in supporting the diet program. So, this rambutan fruit can be consumed for those who are on a diet program.

5. Troubleshooting anemia

Benefits next rambutan fruit can overcome the problem of anemia. Iron deficiency is a common cause of anemia. Well, rambutan fruit can overcome the problem of anemia because of rambutan is a source of iron is high enough. Iron is also able to increase the amount of oxygen in the body.

6. Assist the absorption of iron

The content of vitamin C contained in fruit rambutan serves to maintain the cells – the body’s cells from free radical damage. This substance can also assist in the absorption of iron in the body.

7. Characteristically anti-cancer

Benefits rambutan can further prevent the growth of cancer cells. Based on the research that has been conducted by experts in Thailand revealed that the skins, seeds and fruit rambutan contains antioxidants called flavonoids. These flavonoids are believed to be able to lower cholesterol levels, prevent inflammation (anti-inflammatory) and can prevent the growth of cancer cells (anticancer).